Forgotten in the Arctic

Vorkuta is the easternmost city in Europe.
It is located in the permafrost zone and was founded in the 1930s for coal mining.
The city is surrounded by an agglomeration of satellite settlements, the so-called «Vorkuta Ring», built in the USSR around coal mines. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the number of mines was greatly reduced and most of the houses were abandoned. The population of Vorkuta became smaller several times. The region, which used to attract people to come to earn money, became practically unclaimed and forgotten in the Arctic. The remaining people continue to live in the region, children spend their childhood and adolescence among abandoned houses, which become their main playground and meeting place. Veteran miners keep the memory of the old days when the region was prosperous. Nenets, the indigenous inhabitants of the area, are engaged in reindeer herding. On the old ruins, the life of people lost in the Arctic continues.