Phoenix. The Story of Anya

Anya Boldyreva is 30 years old. At the age of seven months, she was seriously injured by a fire that occurred in the house where the child was for an unknown reason. Since childhood, Anya has been subjected to ridicule and insults from others because of her appearance. Already at a more mature age, Anya wanted to commit suicide, because she did not see the point of living with such a face. All her life, Anya dreamed of plastic surgery that could change her appearance. But she never had the opportunity to get the help of plastic surgeons.


Anya, her daughter Dasha (10 years old) and Anya’s common-law husband Lesha until recently lived in the village of Zhuravka, in the Voronezh region. There Lyosha worked as a handyman on a farm. The family barely had enough money for food and occasionally for clothes. Previously, Anya went to the nearest big cities, Voronezh or Rostov, where she begged to somehow survive.


Anya considers the appearance of her daughter Dasha and Alexey in her life to be turning points, these are the people for whom she lives and sees meaning in life. But recently a big trouble happened in their family. The house in the village of Zhuravka burned down. Left homeless, they decided to move south to Krasnodar and start all over again there. After publications in the media, people began to donate money to Anya. Perhaps, thanks to the help of caring people, she will finally have the opportunity to find her own home.


Anya also received a quota for plastic surgery and the dream of many years came true. Plastic surgery has not radically changed Anna’s appearance, but it has corrected the functionality of some organs, now she can close her eyes when she sleeps and close her mouth. Now Anna’s family seems to have found a new life. And she still continues to search for herself in modern society.