young soldiers story

In Russia all young guys at the age of 18-27 have to serve in the army. Since 2008 the conscription lasts for a year. Young conscripts spend part of this time in the specialized training parts and after some learning they enter the service in the military units. From the moment when a young soldier comes to the training part his life changes greatly.

There are some strict rules and a timetable in each training part: early wake-up, military training, shooting, drill, singing songs, visiting military museums and a variety of theoretical studies. It is forbidden to use the Internet, soldiers receive all information relating to events in the world from the officers who hold special meetings several times a week. The purpose of the training part is to prepare soldiers to the further military service in the military unit, to provide a certain level of military and ideological training.

Of course, all soldiers have different attitudes towards military service. Many of them are concerned about what is happening now in the South-East of Ukraine. Some soldiers suppose that in future they will have to take part in hostilities. Most of the soldiers are patriots and are ready for it, however, there are those who are not satisfied with the current situation. Some think that military service can become really dangerous for the young soldiers. This uncertainty, ambiguity, expectation worry young soldiers. Maybe even make them afraid. But no one confesses in his fears.