Police ID

The Moscow police College was founded in 1992. During its work, the College has trained more than two thousand young professionals with state-issued diplomas. The term of study at the College is 3 years. The rank of second Lieutenant of the police is assigned to graduates only when they enter the service of the Ministry of internal Affairs, and cadets have the opportunity to choose a place of work. The main areas of training traditionally remain physical training (including Sambo, self-defense), criminology, law, psychology, combat and fire training. In 2020, I took photos at the Moscow police College to understand who goes there to study and why. The College opened its doors to me. I saw this, in places, strange world, which was like a detective movie with fake corpses-mannequins and guns hidden in books. These puzzles are solved by College participants, as if passing some kind of game quest, but the main mystery for each student is what they are here for and what will happen next, but I think that most of them find these answers. And everyone understands that behind fake mannequins, guns and courtrooms are real human stories. The stories and fates of these people may soon be in the hands of the current students of this College.