Sakinat Magomedova was born without arms and was orphaned as a child, having lost her mother, who died of cancer. After that, there was a war in Sakinat’s life, relocations, a boarding school for children with developmental disabilities, a singer’s job in a restaurant and her own children. In the recent past, Sakinat was engaged in martial arts. The titles of the European and world champion in parathekwando are the result of hard training.


After the death of her mother, her aunt took little niece into her family. Soon a military conflict began in Chechnya, and relatives had to move to neighboring Dagestan, where she lives to this day.


She learned to do with her feet everything she needs in everyday life — to run a household, take care of herself, cook food. She is raising two children alone — son Ruslan and daughter Fatima.


Now Sakinat dreams that she will be allowed to take the driver’s license exams, because a car would make her life much easier.

Sakinat has retired from practicing parathekwondo, since now she has very few competitors in this discipline, even around the world, very few Paralympians are engaged in this sport. Sakinat is mastering archery, she has not participated in competitions yet and spends a lot of time in the gym. For her, this is a completely new and complex sports discipline in which Sakinat wants to achieve results.