This is not a story about a disease.
This is a story about a big dream of a small boy. Despite of a serious disease this boy dreams of boundless space.


Kirill was born in 2008. He is incurably ill from his birth. Among his diagnosises are lymphangioma of face, neck and mediastinum, Gorner’s syndrome, neuropathy of the facial nerve. A huge inoperable  tumor not only changed boy’s appearance greatly but also caused some serious problems with breathing and eating.


Kirill cant speak and eat, he constantly needs  his relatives supervision and control. He may die if in one moment there would be no one around  to help him.


Although it is impossible to cure Kirill his parents didn’t refuse of him and didn’t receive to leave him in a orphanage. Kirill lives together with his parents and granny in a room of a communal flat in a suburb of Moscow. School teachers and doctors visit him at home.


Kirill very seldom leaves his room. But still he is a very curious boy. His main interest is space. He looks at the world from a window of his room but dreams of endless galaxies, starry sky and the distant unknown planets and worlds.